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How To Glam Up Your Hair and Makeup for a High Roller Night

How To Glam Up Your Hair and Makeup for a High Roller Night

If you want to be a high roller, you’ve got to dress and look the part. So while most casinos implement casual dress codes, you will see that many visitors are wearing business casual outfits, especially at night. Ladies often wear elegant and classy outfits, paired with a hair and makeup look that serves a good purpose in the poker room. Though it may seem just like mere vanity for others, your clothes and your appearance can give away what kind of player you would be.

So while you’re glamming yourself up for the night, ask yourself: do you want to draw attention or go understated? Here are some key points to think about before going out to paint the town red.

1. Go Bold
A casino is not a place for the timid, so don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and do something different. Any casino night, or casino-themed event, is the perfect time to glam up – so, go bold with your hair and makeup look! Don’t be afraid to pull off a new look while standing at the table and rolling some dice. A raw hair wig is a good option if you want a look that appears polished and glamorous throughout the night. Make sure that you choose a wig shade that complements your natural hair color, so you will look like a professional as you confidently assess your card hands. You can even match the color of your wig with the shade of your eye shadow to make an artistic statement that can be seen from across the room. For a bold mystifying finish, go for a winged eye look with flirtatious eyelashes. This look will surely cause some heads to turn.

2. Keep It Mysterious
Being in a casino means others can see you playing their games. That doesn’t matter at roulette or blackjack, but whilst playing poker in a casino people might be looking for your tells. The eyes are one of the major giveaways in terms of body language, and smokey effect eye makeup can help mask the eyes to a degree and make you harder to read in a poker game. To pull this look off, try blending your eyeshadow and eyeliner on your eyelids over and over towards the outer corner and diffusing out the edges until you get the smokey effect you want. You can even look more mysterious by wearing hair frontal extensions as bangs. These bangs will significantly cover your eyes as you assess your cards, making it harder for other players to gauge your next move.

3. Make It Glamorous
Radiate energy on the casino floor and make your beauty glow! This means you need to leave the dull makeup for the office – be flamboyant and go glitz and glam while sitting at the baccarat table. Try layering a primer, concealer, and highlighter to give you a sophisticated yet bold complexion. You can apply a highlighter to make the best features of your face standout or bring out your eyes by applying some highlighter near the inner corner of your eye. This glamorous look is best paired with curly or wavy lace wigs, which will frame your face with their beautiful texture. Curly or wavy wigs were made to hold curls well, so you can ensure that you'll look glamorous even when you've been playing for hours.

Your confidence can greatly affect your gameplay. So if you're planning to go all out in the casino, make sure that you enter the place with a hair and makeup look that will make you feel like a winner.



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