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Spring Hair Trends for 2024 - Springing Into Style!

Spring Hair Trends for 2024 - Springing Into Style!

As the chill of winter gives way to the vibrant energy of spring, it's time to refresh your look and embrace the latest hair trends taking urban streets by storm. From bold colors to effortless styles, the urban landscape is brimming with inspiration for the season ahead. In this blog, we'll explore the top urban spring hair trends that are sure to elevate your style game.

1. Pastel Hues

Spring is synonymous with soft pastel colors, and this season is no exception. Pastel hair hues, such as lavender, baby pink, and mint green, are making a splash in urban neighborhoods worldwide. Whether you opt for an all-over pastel shade or subtle highlights, these soft colors add a touch of whimsy and femininity to any look. Pastel hair is perfect for those looking to embrace their playful side and stand out in a crowd.

2. Money Piece Highlights

Inspired by the '90s trend of face-framing highlights, money piece highlights are making a comeback this spring. This trend involves adding bold, contrasting highlights around the face to create a striking frame that draws attention to your features. Whether you choose vibrant neon colors or classic blonde tones, money piece highlights add dimension and depth to your hairstyle, giving you an instant urban edge.

3. Luscious Layers

Effortlessly cool and undeniably chic, luscious layers are a must-try trend for spring. This versatile haircut features layers of varying lengths, often paired with tousled waves or curls for added texture. Whether you have short or long hair, an edgy layered haircut adds movement and volume, giving you that coveted lived-in look. Style with a texturizing spray for a tousled finish or sleek it back for a more polished vibe.

4. Natural Textures

Embracing natural hair texture is a trend that continues to gain momentum in urban communities. From curly and coily to wavy and straight, all hair textures are celebrated and embraced. Instead of fighting against your natural hair texture, let it shine this spring by opting for hairstyles that enhance and accentuate your unique curls or waves. Embracing natural texture not only saves time but also promotes hair health and authenticity.

5. Statement Accessories

Hair accessories are taking center stage this spring, adding a touch of glamour and sophistication to any hairstyle. From oversized scrunchies to embellished hair clips and headbands, statement accessories are an easy way to elevate your look and express your personal style. Mix and match different accessories to create unique combinations that complement your outfit and mood, whether you're heading to brunch with friends or a night out on the town.

6. Blunt Bob

The classic bob haircut gets a modern update this spring with a blunt, razor-sharp finish. This sleek and sophisticated hairstyle is all about clean lines and minimal fuss, making it perfect for the urban dweller on the go. Whether you opt for a chin-length bob or a longer shoulder-grazing style, a blunt bob adds structure and definition to your look, giving you an instant air of confidence and sophistication.

7. Face-Framing Bangs

Bangs are back in a big way this spring, but with a twist. Instead of full, heavy bangs, face-framing bangs are taking center stage, adding softness and dimension to any hairstyle. Whether you prefer wispy, curtain bangs or bold, choppy fringe, face-framing bangs are a versatile option that flatters all face shapes and hair types. Plus, they're a great way to switch up your look without committing to a drastic haircut.

8. High Ponytails

Sleek, high ponytails are making a comeback this spring, offering a polished and sophisticated hairstyle that's perfect for any occasion. Whether you opt for a sleek, straight pony or a voluminous, textured style, high ponytails are effortlessly chic and easy to achieve. Add a statement hair tie or wrap a strand of hair around the base of the ponytail for a polished finish that takes this classic hairstyle to the next level.

9. Wet Look

Channel your inner urban goddess with the wet look trend, a sleek and sexy hairstyle that's perfect for spring. Whether you're heading to a rooftop party or a night out on the town, the wet look adds instant drama and allure to any hairstyle. Simply apply a generous amount of styling gel or pomade to damp hair, combing it back for a sleek finish that's guaranteed to turn heads.

10. Braided Styles

Braided hairstyles are a perennial favorite, and this spring is no exception. From classic French braids to intricate fishtail braids and bohemian-inspired twists, there's a braided style to suit every taste and occasion. Whether you wear them sleek and polished or tousled and undone, braids are a versatile option that adds texture and visual interest to any hairstyle. Plus, they're a great way to keep your hair out of your face on those warm spring days.

11. Effortless Body Waves

Nothing says spring like effortless beach and body waves that evoke carefree vibes and laid-back glamour. Whether you're spending the day at the beach or navigating the urban jungle, beach waves are a versatile hairstyle that's easy to achieve and universally flattering. Use a curling wand or sea salt spray to create loose, tousled waves that frame your face and add movement to your hair.

12. Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs are back in a big way this spring, offering a soft and romantic alternative to traditional fringe. This versatile hairstyle features long, wispy bangs that frame the face and add a touch of vintage-inspired glamour to any look. Whether you wear them parted down the middle or swept to the side, curtain bangs are a flattering choice for all face shapes and hair textures.

13. Sleek Low Ponytail

For a chic and sophisticated look that's perfect for any occasion, opt for a sleek low ponytail this spring. This timeless hairstyle exudes elegance and simplicity, with a sleek, polished finish that adds instant sophistication to your look. Whether you wear it straight and sleek or with a bit of texture and volume, the sleek low ponytail is a versatile option that's easy to achieve and effortlessly stylish.

14. Slicked-Back Wet Look

For a high-impact hairstyle that commands attention, try the slicked-back wet look trend this spring. This edgy hairstyle features sleek, glossy locks that are slicked back away from the face for a bold and daring look. Whether you wear it with a deep side part or brushed straight back, the slicked-back wet look adds instant drama and sophistication to any ensemble, making it a popular choice for spring.

15. Goddess Locs

Goddess locs are a bohemian-inspired hairstyle that's perfect for spring, offering a romantic and ethereal look that's perfect for embracing the season's energy. These faux locs feature a combination of braiding and wrapping hair extensions around your natural hair, creating long, flowing locs with a soft and natural appearance. Goddess locs are perfect for those looking to add length and volume to their hair while making a stylish statement.


From wet looks to goddess locs, spring hair trends offer a myriad of options for expressing your personal style and embracing the season's energy. Whether you opt for a bold new color, a sleek haircut, or a playful accessory, these trends are sure to inspire and elevate your look this spring. So go ahead, embrace your inner trendsetter, and let your hair take center stage in the urban landscape.


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