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Raw Hair vs Virgin Hair - What is the Difference?

Raw Hair vs Virgin Hair - What is the Difference?

Virgin hair extensions have become increasingly popular, allowing you to transform your hairstyles effortlessly. When exploring hair options, you may come across terms like raw hair and steamed virgin hair. But what exactly do these terms mean, and how do they differ? In this article, we will delve into raw and steamed virgin hair so that you can always make an informed decision when deciding between the two.

What is Raw Virgin Hair?
Raw hair refers to unprocessed, 100% human hair. It is obtained directly from donors and has not undergone any chemical, heat, or steam processing. This means that raw hair retains its natural state and texture, making it highly valued for its authenticity. It provides a pure and untouched look, closely resembling one's own natural hair.
Raw hair usually comes in two main styles: straight and natural wave or wavy. However, a few suppliers and companies like us at Soie Hair LLC, also offer raw curly hair, which adds more variety to the options available.

Types of Raw Hair
Here are some popular types of raw hair:
• Raw Indian Hair: Raw Indian hair is extremely popular. Many people love it due to its lighter brown colors, making it easier to blend with lighter-colored natural hair.
• Raw Vietnamese and Southeast Asian Hair: This hair is known for its straight texture. This raw hair is incredibly smooth and perfect for achieving sleek, polished looks. It also blends seamlessly with natural hair.
• Raw Cambodian Hair: Raw Cambodian hair is known for its full body and is often available in curlier styles. It offers versatility and adds volume to any hairstyle.

Features Of Raw Hair
• It is the purest form of virgin hair available today.
• Rare (this is why it sells out quickly).
• Full cuticle hair
• Every bundle of raw virgin hair has a unique appearance.
• They are mainly sourced from one donor.
• Available hair textures are always limited to natural hair patterns (I.e., natural wave, curly, straight)
• It lasts longer because raw hair gets better with every wash.
• Typically needs more maintenance

What is Steamed Virgin Hair?
Steamed virgin hair refers to hair that has undergone steam processing to achieve specific textures and patterns. Through steam, the hair is gently manipulated to create a variety of textures, such as deep waves, loose waves, and even curly patterns. While some suppliers and companies have a chemical steam process that is not recommended due to it possibly causing skin irritation and less longevity of the hair life, we here at Soie Hair LLC do not allow any of our hair to undergo any chemical steam process. 

What Kind of Steamed Virgin Hair is There?
Body Wave: Virgin body wave hair has a lush texture with a deep S-shaped wave pattern. It adds volume to hairstyles, requires minimal maintenance, and is incredibly versatile.
• Curly Hair: Virgin curly hair has soft or tighter spiral curls. It blends well with natural hair and is ideal for achieving voluminous and bouncy hairstyles.
• Straight Hair: Virgin straight hair offers a sleek and polished look with minimal effort. It is perfect for individuals who prefer a more streamlined hairstyle.
• Deep Wave or Deep Curl: Virgin deep wave or deep curl is great for those who want big waves and curls that make a bold statement. It adds volume and creates an eye-catching look.

Features of Steamed Virgin Hair Extensions
• Quality varies depending on the distributor.
• Every bundle is uniform due to the hair being processed.
• Available steamed virgin hair textures are endless.
• Cuticles may not always be intact.
• It can lasts up to 1-2 years depending on the supplier's process and with proper care. *Soie Hair LLC's steamed virgin human hair lasts at least 2 years*
• Available in an array of colors

How Do I Know If It's Real Raw Hair?
Authenticating raw hair can be challenging, as there is no foolproof method to determine its authenticity before trying it for yourself. However, here are some steps you can take to ensure you are buying real raw hair:
• Look for the term "raw" in the product name or description. Genuine raw hair is usually labeled as such by the supplier.
• Read reviews and seek recommendations from trusted sources to gauge the reputation and quality of the supplier.
• Contact the company directly to inquire about their hair extensions' sourcing and processing methods.

Should I Buy Raw Hair or Virgin Hair? Which One is Better?
The decision between raw hair and steamed virgin hair depends on your personal preferences and styling needs. Raw hair offers the purest and most natural form of hair, with exceptional durability. However, it may have limited style choices, primarily straight or natural wave textures. On the other hand, steamed virgin hair provides a wider range of textures and patterns, allowing for more versatility in achieving desired hairstyles.

Raw hair and steamed virgin hair offer distinct options in the world of hair extensions. Raw hair provides a pure and natural look, while steamed virgin hair offers a variety of textures and patterns achieved through steam processing. Understanding the differences between these types of hair extensions will help you make an informed decision based on your preferences and styling goals. Whether you prioritize authenticity and longevity or versatility and style options, both raw hair and steamed virgin hair can offer excellent choices for achieving the desired hairstyle you've always wanted.


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