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How to wash and condition virgin hair extensions. Super Easy!

How to wash and condition virgin hair extensions. Super Easy!

Maintaining virgin human hair extensions is not hard at all! Part of aiding in the longevity of your hair is the hair care needed for long-lasting hair extensions and wigs. I'm happy to give you the necessary tips and tricks on how to wash and condition your 100% virgin human hair extensions to keep them looking beautiful, light-weight and easy to style!

100% virgin human hair extensions and wigs (often referred to as weaves or commercial hair) have been the go-to way for easy styles, protective styles and eye-catching looks for years and they have only become even more popular! With so many people needing virgin hair bundles, clip-in hair, wigs, lace frontals or lace closures and more, I often get the question, "How do I wash my virgin hair?" or "What do I use to wash my virgin hair?". Luckily, I've been in the commercial hair business for 10 years, so here's some insight on how I maintain my Soie Virgin Hair Extensions and also what I share with my customers about taking the best care of their luxurious virgin hair:

1. Choose a shampoo and conditioner with an Argon Oil or Moroccan Oil that is Sulfate-Free. This ensures that your 100% virgin hair keeps it's luster and is not too dry after washing and conditioning. I recommend Crème of Nature's Argon Oil shampoo and conditioner or something comparable.

2. Gently brush your virgin human hair using a wide tooth or paddle brush prior to washing. This will get out any tangles and light shedding to eliminate them during the wash process. ***For kinky or natural curls, gently brush and detangle while wet in your sink bowl***

3. Using a sink, GENTLY wash your virgin human hair by filling it up halfway or 2/3 way with LUKEWARM water, add a few to several drops of the Argon Oil or Moroccan Oil shampoo and "whoosh" the hair around and lightly wash as normal. Judge how much shampoo you need at your discretion, but you shouldn't have so much that there's a heavy lather to prevent your 100% virgin human hair from being too dry. Wash 1-2 times.

4. After washing your virgin hair, pat dry with a towel or washcloth and apply about a quarter sized amount of your Argon Oil or Moroccan Oil conditioner per virgin hair bundle or virgin hair item. For virgin human hair wigs, apply at least 3 quarter-sized amounts. Let your virgin hair sit for about 5-10 mins, fill your sink up again with the same amount of slightly cold water and "whoosh" and lightly rinse as normal to get your conditioner out. Pat your virgin hair dry using a towel and sit your virgin hair or virgin hair wig on the same towel. (Hair should be damp)

5. Using the same wide-tooth or paddle brush, gently brush your 100% virgin human hair once or twice to detangle and define. Let your virgin hair sit and air dry for the best results, but if you're pressed for time, you can blow dry and style your virgin hair at this time with no worries. 

Having quality 100% virgin human hair is anyone's top priority when making a hefty purchase to enhance your look, so you want to make sure you maintain them in the best way possible especially to ensure long-lasting beautiful virgin human hair. Soie Hair is already top quality 100% virgin human hair with no chemical processing or synthetic fibers, so your hair journey with us will be less time consuming and as long-lasting like our beautiful virgin hair. Save time and the hassle when following these helpful wash and conditioning tips and look forward to quality and luxurious virgin human hair every time! 

From one hair lover to another...XOXO.


How to wash your luxury hair extensions infographic


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