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What is the difference between cheap and high-quality hair extensions?

What is the difference between cheap and high-quality hair extensions?
We have all felt overwhelmed by work, family, and so much more; the last thing you should be stressed or overwhelmed about is your hair extensions.
Yes, hair extensions are answers to simplify that overcomplicated and time-consuming beauty routine. The problem with so many hair bundles out there is having to worry about the quality of the hair and not just the style.
If you have questions about hair extensions or wigs, feel free to contact our friendly team. We can help you with top quality virgin human hair bundles you need to get the look you want.
This post will help you understand the problems of cheap hair and how to find luxury hair extensions that will last a long time.
The Problems with Cheap Hair
Let's start with the word cheap. Cheap and affordable are very different. Cheap hair will most likely be synthetic, use chemical dyes or have non-human hairs used as fillers. Synthetic and filler hair doesn't last as long and can sometimes irritate your scalp and skin along with chemical dyes. Have you ever worn hair extensions and wondered why you had irritation? Yes, that's right...you may have had cheap hair...a huge no no! Also, cheap hair can turn out to be expensive do to companies up charging as if it's quality hair and you'll have to buy more hair extensions or wigs than if you'd gone with a quality vendor. Our luxury human hair extensions can last years if taken care of properly because it does not include synthetic fibers or fillers saving you lots of time and money in the long run.
What to look for in hair bundles:
The Quality of Hair...
When purchasing hair extensions or wigs, you should look for 100% real human hair (a.k.a. virgin hair).
Once you narrow your search to real human hair, there are still too many different options. To get the best virgin hair, you should look at the grade of hair. To keep it simple, 12A virgin human hair is the best non-raw grade due to only going through and non-chemical steam process and being from less donors for the best consistency. Raw virgin human hair is the best overall due to no processing whatsoever and it's usually no more than 2 donors. Regardless of what type of hair bundle you get (Brazilian Hair, Cambodian Hair, or even Peruvian or Malaysian Hair), you should always look for the highest grade and non-chemical processing.
What is done with the hair...
Getting a high grade of hair is part of the puzzle. Let's compare it to food. You can go to a big box store and get cheap food. Cheap food is probably not healthy and loaded with preservatives, sugars, or chemicals. It is the same with your hair. Now, there may be times you want the hair colored. Ths is fine, but remember, many suppliers ruin the quality of hair by applying harsh chemicals, so when you do decide to add color, the hair turns into a "bird's nest". Also, keep in mind if the hair is not double wefted or wefted properly at all, it will be shedding worse than your cat.
Along with making sure our hair vendors use 100% virgin human hair, here at Soie Hair, we check the quality. Each set is double wefted to prevent shedding and preserve quality. We also make sure steamed hair goes through a chemical free process to prevent irritation.
How your hair is taken care of...
Have you ever ordered something online only for it to be completely different than what you ordered? You can't afford that to happen when you are ordering hair, especially for a big event.
There are many cheap hair extension sites out there, and here is a secret most of them don't want you to know. Most of them never look at the hair. They place the order from their supplier and never see it or check the quality of the hair before it gets to your door.
In fact, many of those sites are run by marketers and are not even hair specialists at all. If you run into any problems, most don't have a dedicated team to get you the information you want.
At Soie, we take pride in our virgin human hair. We quality check hair in our batches and also test as well. From the occasional shipping issue, to getting advice on how to care for your new hair extensions, our friendly team can help.
Get Exclusive Virgin hair wigs and extensions...
Now you can take this knowledge and rest assured knowing that we have already done the research and vetting for you. The only question you should have to decide is "What hairstyle should I have next?" If you are not sure what to get, give us a call for a free consultation, or visit our store if you’re in the Atlanta area.
Cheap vs Luxury Hair Extensions Infographic


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